Last Shot in the Life of a Lens

I bet everyone likes pleasant surprises and especially ones from people you love and I happened to know one great idea how to amaze your girlfriend or boyfriend on a special occasion or even on an ordinary day, that’s what I’ve done:

I had to think of something special for my girlfriend for this Valentine’s day and as the routine is a killer I thought it would be so great to forget all the troubles that sometimes makes us miserable. And then a great idea came to my mind: why not run away from them? I bought 2 train tickets to the place that neither I nor my girlfriend have been to. I put one of them in an envelope and gave it to her saying to open it after an hour and write me a message then.

I  received her message and we met at the station. When she asked, how did I come up with this idea I told her that the best things happen accidentally (as we became a couple completely accidentally as well) and being with her every day feels like a new experience which I found very enjoyable that’s why we’re going to an unfamiliar place and that’s why I want to surprise her every day of my life.

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