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God probably made you on a Sunday

If you girlfriend is into religion (and it does not really matter if you are not), you have definitely called her angel from the heaven a few times already. However, there is even more special way of showing your affection. Ultimate (religious) thing to say would be: God probably made you on a Sunday. Just […]

You’re like an angel from heaven

Don’t overuse this one. However, if you want to make your girlfriend feel really happy and/or if she has done something that’s worth praising for, tell her: you are like angel from heaven. Can it get any better than feeling this special? Related Posts:I need you as angel needs heavenYou look different todayYou are so […]

I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours..

This especially works good on your first dates. Listen to your girlfriend, look at her eyes and… for a moment let her feel that you are drifting away. She might catch you and ask what are you thinking about. And that’s the perfect moment to say I could look into your eyes and get lost […]

Your figure is as best Stradivarius’s violin!

If your girlfriend is into classical music, you can tell her that her figure is as best Strativarius’s violin and her voice sounds as nice as Bethoven’s symphony. It will definitely be compliments for her and it will show her that you know something about her interests. Or, at least you’ll make her to use […]

I’ll be there for you… Always!

If you’ll ever see your girlfriend crying (assuming, that she is not crying because you made her), hug her warmly and whisper: I’ll be there for you… Always. She will not only be happy, but for a moment she will feel safe. Once again, you have taken one more step to be her hero. Related […]

You are beautiful

Early in the morning, when your girlfriend is still in pajamas, or late in the evening, when she is already undressing after long day, find a moment to tell her “you are beautiful”. The situation is completely different from last time when she was asking about her looks. And probably, she will appreciate your words […]

I love the way you smile

When your girlfriend is fully immersed into some task and you can clearly see that she is happy while doing that, come closer and tell her “I love the way you smile“. Her smile will blossom as a flower and this time she will be smiling for you. Related Posts:You are my beautiful one!You look […]

Buy Her Flowers

Buy flowers not only for her birthday and Valentine’s Day. Remember, it is always better to get a bucket of flowers than a single tulip. Say something nice, like: “special flowers for my special girl” or “when you will marry me I will bring you all the world’s flowers just to show how much I […]