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You are the reason my sun rises every morning

I do like to get up early in the morning and gently to rub my girlfriend’s nose while she is still sleeping. And every morning before I leave to job, I try to kiss her. Sometimes she wakes up (mostly because I am clumsy and noisy) and isn’t very happy which creates a perfect opportunity […]

You are my beautiful one!

You should write her a love letter. Is it too hard? Well, write her a love note. It’s almost the same as some of sweet things to say – it’s easy (remember, it shouldn’t be rocket science, keep it simple). There are people who write love letters for their bodies (yeah, time to get rid […]

I’m not going say that I can’t live without you, because I can… I just don’t want to!

Sometimes we meet people, who change our life and I think that they must know our feelings. Every girl wants to be the only girl in her boyfriend’s life. So, if you meet that girl and you feel that this person is the only love in your heart, she needs to hear that. It is not so difficult to say […]

I love you because of what you are

When you feel that you and your girlfriend has something really special comes a question: “Why I like her so much?” You may start writing down things you like about her, but then you would probably realize that there are too many of them to name them all. What to do then? How to tell […]

Show that you think of her more than she can imagine

Thoughts are really magical, aren’t they? The best thing is that, to my belief, nobody can read them, except yourself, and that you’re the only one who’s in control of them. But on the other hand, how should the person you like know that you think of her/him if your thoughts are inaccessible? Simply, you […]

I will love you until the last rose dies…

I have heard this story many times… and each time, I did not have enough courage to implement it myself (I felt, that I will either look too stupid, or too dull – but who knows – it seems, the idea is too sweet not to try it out at least once). Buy your girlfriend […]

You look different today

Are you being too sweet with your girlfriend? I guess, if you try to come up with something sweet to say every other minute, probably you are not doing well. Or… on other hand, she should at least appreciate your efforts. However, sometimes you do not need to think of what to say – just […]

Everytime I see you, you look more beautiful

Girls adore compliments (even if she is not your girlfriend, she will definitely love the fact that someone noticed her beauty). I have no doubt, you have said several times that she is beautiful already. But, you don’t want to repeat yourself everytime, do you? Next time you will meet your girlfriend, tell her everytime […]