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You’ve made me feel brand new inside

People in love, can you remember how you felt, what you were before falling in love? If you can, you probably agree that you were different back then. Now, you’re like a changed person, aren’t you? Probably we all know what or maybe who made these kind of changes occur… Yes, love. Somehow it makes […]

You’ve made everything go right

Once you’re in love, you can’t imagine life being otherwise, and it may even seem like it should stay that way for a long time. You get used to it. Everything’s the way it should be! Everything’s right! So who’s responsible for this? Of course, your girlfriend. Express your feelings by telling her that she […]

Without you even the most meaningful day would be worth nothing

The winter’s over. It’s finally spring! It’s a time when good memories and expectations for upcoming summer come that’s why, personally, this day is one of the most important days of the year. I can do nothing but smile and be joyful as nature is reviving with every minute… During the day like this, well, not necessary […]

With you I can feel myself

Why it is really hard to feel free? The right answer probably would be that there are plenty of barriers which make us change our behavior as we are brilliant at creating them. Most of the time they may seem hard to overcome and that’s when we feel like stuck in our own prison – […]