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I love looking in your eyes

Yeah, you always can tell something crazy like I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours, however sometimes it doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to sound fake if you strugle with really nice words. Be yourself – come up with something modest and frank. One more sweet things to say to […]

Large Hadron Collider

Bring flowers for your girlfriend. Say that you love her. Do the things that you usually don’t have occassion to do. Come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend which you wouldn’t say on any occasional day. If she will ask for a reason, just tell her: Large Hadron Collider. What if this […]

My world is empty without you

Girls like to feel part of you (probably, then they feel that somehow they are a little bit in control). And in the past, I have already suggested to tell her I feel emptry without you. Nevertheless, quite often we need to repeat ourselves in order for your girlfriend to get it. And how would […]

I love the way you brighten up a room…

Imagine a perfect evening – home cooked dinner, lighted candles, lovely music in the background… Nothing matters anymore, only you and the darkness around you. While looking at the candle silently whisper: I love the way you brighten up a room. Related Posts:You are most important person in my world7 Sweet Things to Say to […]

You are my lucky star

I really do hope that you are the luckiest man in the world, because you have the best girlfriend you ever can have. This is why, we are thinking about what sweet things to say to her in order to let her know that she is really appreciated. Tell her you are my lucky star […]

Let her win

Do you play any board games together or with friends? I am not really fond of these games, however my girlfriend is. And sometimes she is really insisting of playing chess, or whatever other game two of us could play. One important thing I have noticed – she wants to win, no matter what (as […]

Take a walk

It’s really good to try everyday to come up with different sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, these thoughts sometimes run out, however you still want to be the best you can be. Keeping it simple again, just take a walk with her. Instead of sitting in front of the TV this evening, […]

Give her a hug every day

I know some couples who are like glued together (usually, this happens when we start dating someone, right?). Unfortunately, I know some couples who seems never to hug each other. The best sweet thing to do to yourgirlfriend is – give her a hug every day. Create a routine, or allocate some time, when all […]