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The earlier I wake up the more time I will spend thinking of you

Here’s a common situation: you’ve decided tomorrow morning to do something. So you get up early, but unfortunately, you’ve awaken your girlfriend who only needs to wake up after a little while, for example, one hour. She gets mad at you and asks why did you wake up so early? What do you need to […]

Beauty, it’s time to rise and shine

You could guess that I am on holiday, as two days in a row I am writting about how to wake your girlfriend. When I have to go to job, I try to be as silent as possible in order not to wake my sweety in the morning. Of course, I am clumsy and she […]

Sunshine, it’s morning already

If it was up to me, I would get up at 5 a.m. every morning. However, since I am living with my girlfriend, it is definitely not up to me. Therefore, we sleep a little bit longer. Nonetheless, in each situation you can find something good. Next morning (if you happen to spend the night […]

Today, when I woke up, first thing I thought about was you

I have no doubt there are quite many couples who have their own life during the day and can meet only in the evening. This is what usually happens to me and my girlfriend. I spend my day at work, she spends her day at University and we meet up at the dinner table. Of […]