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You are my life

People are too humble sometimes – they want something, but still pretend that they’re OK without it. Here’s one example of this undue modesty: A girl wants you to be with her, but tells you to go and do whatever you need to do – to go and live your life. She didn’t even bother […]

Only you have the key of my heart

She’s staring at you and when you ask what’s up, she says nothing. Familiar? I bet it is for most of you. Once, I’ve decided to ask my girl what’s up with her, why does she keep doing that? She answered that sometimes she becomes jealous of me and then she hesitates whether my feelings […]

My love for you has no limits

Does everything have the beginning and ending as well? I doubt that this question can be answered unanimous, but one thing for sure – true love has no ending, no boundaries and it can beat everything. My love for you has no limits – it means I am ready to do what it takes to […]

I will defend you with my love

Whatever may happen – I will be there for you, I will defend you with my love… I think that letting your girlfriend know that she can feel protected, that she doesn’t need to be afraid of anything is sweet indeed. In my opinion, girls are sometimes so fragile that they need this protection and […]

You blow my mind

Love can create lots of strange emotions which sometimes can become out of control…You can’t sleep because you’re thinking of her? Does she make you go mad? Does it feel like you’re going to explode when you’re with her? Why don’t you tell her so, I am certain that every girl adores the fact that […]

Wherever you are, that’s where my home is

  What is home? Some say, that it’s a place where you live, for example, your house, flat… I think it’s wrong to say that way. Home is where your family, relatives, people you love are, no matter in what side of the world it might be. It is so amazing to hear that other […]

I’m not going say that I can’t live without you, because I can… I just don’t want to!

Sometimes we meet people, who change our life and I think that they must know our feelings. Every girl wants to be the only girl in her boyfriend’s life. So, if you meet that girl and you feel that this person is the only love in your heart, she needs to hear that. It is not so difficult to say […]

I am blessed to have you

Love makes us feel great, doesn’t it? In other words I could say that it brings us the feeling that we’re blessed: as for myself, every day I wake up with a smile, when I receive a message from Her I smile again, again and again… If you feel the same way, let her know […]