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What is the most beautiful woman in the world doing in my kitchen?

I am a really lucky guy. Quite often when I am comming home from my job, I meet my girlfriend in the kitchen preparing dinner for both of us. And I love that (I mean dinner… I mean my girlfriend… oh, well, whatever). She is doing her best to make me happy and we, guys, […]

You are most important person in my world

It seems for the last days sweet things to say sounded more like love expressions. But you don’t have to fall in love again and again in order to say something sweet. Simplicity is the key, right? Tell her you are most important person in my world. Hug her. Let her feel that she really […]

7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition @5

I am still on my mission of finding some sweet things to say to my girlfriend. And this is week 5 already. Did you make your girlfriend smile last week? Will you make her feel loved next week? What’s preventing you from saying something sweet, but different every day? I never knew what love is… […]

I’ve fallen in love so many times… and always with you

Some sweet things to say works like two edged sword. However, if she knows your past, and you (more or less) know her past, feel free to tell her: I’ve fallen in love so many times… (yes, here you make a long looonnng pause – it will feel as eternity for her) and always with […]

Cook together

Yes, we do love when our girlfriends are busy in the kitchen and we are allowed to watch footbal match on TV. However, she would really appreciate your help in the kitchen once in a while. Cook together and after dinner tell her that you loved doing that together. You will get more than a […]

You are my mermaid

If you girlfriend has long hair, while you are cuddling tell her you are my mermaid and kiss her pasionately. Congrats, you have just become her Poseidon – go of sea! Yes, sometimes it does sound childishly, however this is what you need – to find a kid in yourself and to use kid’s insight. […]

I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you.

After saying I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you – you can actually see fire in ther eyes. If she could, she would eat you alive and would enjoy every bite. Of course, I am just kidding, however I would expect this line to be part of my future proposal for her. […]

I miss your smile

Your life is long, there will be plenty of times when you will be separated. Quite a lot of times you will be missing her, and she will be missing your. However, if you will start repeating her daily I missed you, you will not get far away. Some girls might enjoy that, however for […]