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You are my life

People are too humble sometimes – they want something, but still pretend that they’re OK without it. Here’s one example of this undue modesty: A girl wants you to be with her, but tells you to go and do whatever you need to do – to go and live your life. She didn’t even bother […]

You make me feel alive

Lots of people believe that they live only once so life should be cherished. Probably everyone would agree that life would be empty without a relationship so not only life, but also a girlfriend should be cherished and loved. Though, it is really strange that other person can affect you so much that you can’t […]

You’ve made me a better person

As you may know, during the larger period of life people are developing their own personalities, so changes can’t be avoided. Sometimes other person makes you change – your bad habit or even your character. Usually that person is your girlfriend. I believe that changes can make us only better. Therefore, if your new habbits aren’t harmful to other people or […]

You are refreshment for my soul

Routine can make our lives really dull as every day may seem like the same. We get bored, twitchy… But I am so glad that I have my girl aside because she knows how to brighten my day. Sometimes it’s enough to see her and I already feel better. After a bad day being with […]

Every time I feel like dying, you bring me back to life

It is so hard to keep up sometimes as there are days when everything that was white turns to black and the world might seem to fall apart. Probably no one else, but the love of your life can make it colourful again. Every time I feel like dying, you bring me back to life […]

I am blessed to have you

Love makes us feel great, doesn’t it? In other words I could say that it brings us the feeling that we’re blessed: as for myself, every day I wake up with a smile, when I receive a message from Her I smile again, again and again… If you feel the same way, let her know […]