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You’re like an angel from heaven

Don’t overuse this one. However, if you want to make your girlfriend feel really happy and/or if she has done something that’s worth praising for, tell her: you are like angel from heaven. Can it get any better than feeling this special? Related Posts:I need you as angel needs heavenYou look different todayYou are so […]

I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours..

This especially works good on your first dates. Listen to your girlfriend, look at her eyes and… for a moment let her feel that you are drifting away. She might catch you and ask what are you thinking about. And that’s the perfect moment to say I could look into your eyes and get lost […]

You are beautiful

Early in the morning, when your girlfriend is still in pajamas, or late in the evening, when she is already undressing after long day, find a moment to tell her “you are beautiful”. The situation is completely different from last time when she was asking about her looks. And probably, she will appreciate your words […]