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You are my little geeky girl

I guess for some girls this might not sound as a compliment. However, if you were working on your laptop, and your girlfriend was working on another computer just nearby you. And let’s assume sudenly you have decided that you need a little bit of attention. Go and hug her (or put your hands on […]

You became part of me

Girls are interesting and curious creatures. Like for kids, for ladies it might not be enough to hear that we love them, they still want more. So if you have been together at least for few weeks and she comes up with a question “why?” when you just told her that you love the way […]

Honey, I won THE John Chow review!

Start your morning by waking up your girlfriend and shouting: honey, I won THE John Chow review! And yes, you nailed her this time… Probably, you will be spending rest of the day on the streets considering what the hell did you do wrong this time. Guys, remember, our ladies (usually) are not as geeky […]

You are as delicious as this cake

Buy her a cake and tell her you are as delicious as this cake. This works especially well, if she was craving for sweet for some time. However, it might as double edged sword as well… especially if you bought a fat cake… Related Posts:You are my beautiful one!7 Sweet Things to Say to Your […]

I enjoy each and every moment spent with you

Girlfriends are like little kids. They always need for more attention and you always have to come up with new sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, sometimes even before you say anything, she might ask you something about your feelings. For example: Are you happy with me? Well, one thing – it’s not […]

You look absolutely amazing

I have no idea why, but some of sweet things to say to your girlfriend works better when you are just starting out. Of course, you will always be able to tell your girlfriend that she looks nice, that she is pretty, that she is awesome and so on. However, if you have a chance, […]

I love looking in your eyes

Yeah, you always can tell something crazy like I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours, however sometimes it doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to sound fake if you strugle with really nice words. Be yourself – come up with something modest and frank. One more sweet things to say to […]

Large Hadron Collider

Bring flowers for your girlfriend. Say that you love her. Do the things that you usually don’t have occassion to do. Come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend which you wouldn’t say on any occasional day. If she will ask for a reason, just tell her: Large Hadron Collider. What if this […]