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I enjoy every second spent with you

Time keeps running away… Sometimes we forget to cherish the moment. Everyday problems makes us go crazy and there are times when we are truly happy, but still create barriers as we can not accept that fact that everything is just fine. I bet for most of you this feeling is familiar. Why can’t we […]

Together we can

I believe that encouraging a girlfriend is a really sweet thing to do – she needs to get all your support. When your girlfriend feels too weak to overcome something an encouragement that she can deal with things if not by herself than definitely with you by her side is the best to make. Tell […]

We are the perfect match

Sometimes two totally different people attract each other so much. Strange, but it’s true, because, I believe, a boyfriend and a girlfriend should fulfill each other. Though, from the first glance you may not even notice how unlike both of you are, the most important thing is that you’re sure she’s the one for you. […]

Nothing can tear us apart

When you build a relationship you can’t avoid difficulties, but you can overcome them at the bad times that may occur. It is important that both a girlfriend and a boyfriend put all the efforts to save it. So, if you are in one, you need to show your girlfriend that you are ready to […]

I feel good when I am with you

One more “conditional” sweet thing to say to your girlfriend (especially works when watching a sunset). Only you, her and a wonderful sunset. Hug her and say I feel good when I am with you. It is good to know that you are the reason that someone feels good. Let your girlfriend feel that. Related […]