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Your hair looks beautiful

Pippi Långstrump

Yesterday late evening my girlfriend and I were going home on a bus. As it was quite late, we were tired and had to try hard not to fall asleep. She laid her head on my should and I started to stroke her hair gently.

I know that in this scenario (let’s call it scenario, ok?) you don’t have to add anything else… because when you girlfriend is tired (or even when you boyfriend is tired) and you are playing with their hair – you are the star of the evening. If your girlfriend could, probably she would turn into a little cat and would enjoy that stroking a little bit more.

Anyway, as this blog represents my efforts to come up with sweet things to say, I actually thought, that I could say to my girlfriend: your hair looks beautiful. But this time, I didn’t…

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You are my sweet little toy

I'm watching you

I guess for us, guys, this is as hard, as buying some flowers – what’s the occasion? What will she think? Is this good enough? Girls have no idea how hard we struggle until we decide to buy a gift for them.

However, once again… it does not have to be a rocket science! Grab anything… buy her a plush toys – a plush toy bear, or plush toy monkey, or select the cutest little thing from plush toys animals. And whatever you will get for your girlfriend, remember to add something sweet: you are my sweet little toy.

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I love your body

body of water

You don’t have to get your girlfriend to the shower with candles and champagne, to come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, if you managed to do that, this is a perfect setting to say: I love your body. No matter how shy, or confident your girlfriend is about her body, she will appreciate your sweet little words.

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I love the way you look at me

No matter it is Valentine or not !

Sometimes you can catch yourself just starring at your girlfriend without saying anything. Of course, if she could look into your mind, she would see how fast you are going through all the sweet things to say to her and almost instantly throwing most of them away: this is too naive, this is too girlish, this is too boring, this will not make her laugh, etc, etc.

If you catch yourself in such a position, just stop making any assumptions of what she would like to hear. Tell her someting positive, something that doesn’t sound too “clever”. Sweet things to say to your girlfriend in such situation would be: I love the way you look at me.

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition 9

I think we do not always realize how fast time goes by. I without realizing that, we cannot fully appretiate each and every day of our life. This is why I am trying to come up with some sweet things to say to my girlfriend every day…

Moleskine Hack

One more week, 7 more sweet things to say to your girlfriend:

  1. You are as delicious as this cake
  2. Honey, I won THE John Chow review!
  3. You became part of me
  4. I love to hold you in my arms
  5. You are my little geeky girl
  6. Your shoes look great, honey!
  7. My hands are too short to show how much I love you

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My hands are too short to show how much I love you

Last Thursday my girlfriend came to meet me after my job. We decided to go for a walk and to visit lovely Departure cafe on the way home.

チョコレートマフィン / chocolate and coconut muffin

While we were walking we were talking about the day and suddenly she asked me:

– Do you love me? – well, sometimes girlfriend suddenly realize they want more attention, right?
– Yes – I have answered politely knowing that she will not be happy with this answer.
– How much do you love me? – she asked again as I predicted.
– Every two minutes in a day – I tried to make a joke, however this didn’t sound funny for her, neither for me.
– Show me, how much? – my girlfriend was reluctant… and knowing her I knew there is no point of starting any gestures. I decided to go with one more sweet thing to say to your girlfriend:
My hands are too short to show how much I love you… – and smile shined in her face again.

Later we had two muffins and a cup of tea. I love these wonderful evening spent together.

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Your shoes look great, honey!


I got some e-mails regarding my sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Some readers are enjoying my ideas, some – not so much.

Hey, guys, if you do not come up with anything sweet to say to your girlfriend, just because you do not want to sound dull… then try harder! Instead of writting me and complaining, that you don’t want to say to your girlfriend that she looks pretty, because it might sound dull, then say something more rare i.e. Your shoes look great, honey! And I do hope she was wearing a new pair of shoes, when you have said that.

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You are my little geeky girl

Female Stormtroopers!

I guess for some girls this might not sound as a compliment. However, if you were working on your laptop, and your girlfriend was working on another computer just nearby you. And let’s assume sudenly you have decided that you need a little bit of attention. Go and hug her (or put your hands on her eyes). When she will ask what you want, just tell her: you are my little geeky girl. If you will not start to fight because of that, your girlfriend will have one more day to appreciate in her memories.

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