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I can’t say how much I love you, because it would be so sweet I would turn into a lemon.

lemon splash

I understand that girlfriend are funny creatures and sometimes they just need to hear something sweet (even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense). But what if you cannot come up with something sweet?

I will tell you a secret – make something, come up with anything, just start talking. At first, our readers Billy’s idea didn’t look attractive, however after thinking a bit, I’ve decided, I would gladly tell it to my girlfriend. Honey, I can’t say how much I love you, because it would be so sweet I would turn into a lemon.

Does it make sense? Well… it doesn’t have to. Your girlfriend seeks your attention and she will even let some of the words pass through without digging deeper into the meaning of it. Just tell something sweet to her today.

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I love kissing with you


My girlfriend and me have been together for few years already. But still, everytime we kiss, I remember our first kiss (which, to be frank, was quite awful, I was thinking – is it me, or her – which one does not know how to kiss?).

However I remember my first kiss not because it was worst our kiss ever, but because every our other kisses are better and better. And, yes, i guess, it is hard to think like that after few years of kissing everyday. Anyway, I love kissing with my girlfriend and probably I should let her know that…

I love kissing with you..

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition 11

My dream shopping list

Once again it’s Sunday which means I have prepared 7 sweet things to say to your girlfriend. It’s all you need – everyday to say something sweet and nice to your girlfriend, to make her feel special (because she really is!) and appreciated, to make her feel loved (because you do, if you are reading this text).

  1. Thank You
  2. Your glowing eyes make me happy
  3. Sunshine, it’s morning already
  4. Beauty, it’s time to rise and shine
  5. You are my sleeping beauty
  6. I was thinking about you during my lunch break
  7. You are so smart, and yet so beautiful

And one bonus tip:

Keep it simple, as it is not that hard to come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, put in your efforts, as it should be a challenge to love someone.

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You are so smart, and yet so beautiful


Girls are interesting creatures. They love to be beautiful, but they hate when guys are interested only in her beauty. They love to be smart, but they hate when they are smarter then their boyfriends. They love to be unique, but they hate to be treated differently. As I said, they are interesting creatures…

However, if you manage to come up with something sweet and unique to say to your girlfriend, you might be her hero of the day. Try to use combinations of what you have already told her. So, you called her your geeky girl already, and you have told that she is beautiful. Next step would be telling her you are so smart, and yet so beautiful. I cannot imagine a girl who would not like the sound of these words.

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I was thinking about you during my lunch break

fresh fish n chips

As I am on holiday, my lunch break is basically all my day – just working on my internet projects and thinking (or at least, telling my girlfriend that I am) about my girlfriend. Anyway, I just remembered, that sometimes my girlfriend is asking unreasonable questions i.e. how do I look? do you miss me? do you think about me? You know, these kind of questions, to which guys would say “of course, I am…”.

I was thinking… if she is asking these kind of questions, there is something wrong (well, of course, our girls needs atention) and we should do something about it.

Do you remember what was the last time she asked you? I remember my girlfriend was asking whether I think about her during my lunch break… therefore, when she will come back home after University today, I will make a cup of coffee for her and I will tell her:  I was thinking about you during my lunch break.

Uhh, it’s been only a few days of holidays and I already miss my lunch breaks at work.

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You are my sleeping beauty

The Sun Sets on Château de Chillon

That’s right… one more of “sweet things to say to your girlfriend in the morning” series. This time, we will not try to wake up our loved ones (not that I got scolded because of doing that in the past two mornings).

Again, you should wake up first… and feel thankful, enjoy these minutes when she is still asleep, look how beautiful she is. Look at her for as long as it takes (until she wakes up by herself, remember – no “alarm clocks” this morning). When she finally do wakes up, instead of good morning say her: you are my sleeping beauty and brush her hair with your hand.

Girls love fairytales… so create on for her!

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Beauty, it’s time to rise and shine

Paris - Quai de Seine - 08-07-2007 - 6h29

You could guess that I am on holiday, as two days in a row I am writting about how to wake your girlfriend. When I have to go to job, I try to be as silent as possible in order not to wake my sweety in the morning. Of course, I am clumsy and she wakes up…

However, if you are on holiday, or you don’t have to leave early in the morning, wait until sun starts shining through the window and wake her up by whispering to her ear: beauty, it’s time to rise and shine. Girls love compliments… and believe me, they love them in the morning as well!

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Sunshine, it’s morning already

Waiting for dawn

If it was up to me, I would get up at 5 a.m. every morning. However, since I am living with my girlfriend, it is definitely not up to me. Therefore, we sleep a little bit longer.

Nonetheless, in each situation you can find something good. Next morning (if you happen to spend the night with your girlfriend/wife/lover/whatever) wake up first (how hard can it be?) and gently rub her nose and whisper sunshine, it’s morning already.

And, of course, to make her mood even better, you could prepare a cup of coffee

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