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12 of the most beautiful things in the world

Rose Reflections, A Dozen Pink Cream Yellow Roses Reflected in a Mirror Image Picture, Free Use, Public Domain, Creative Commons

Ok, so let’s say, you have finally decided to try out the “tale of 11 roses“. You woke up in the morning, and thinking about your lovely girlfriend, went to the local flower shop and asked for 11 roses… Only once  you have reached home, you realized that line with “until the last rose dies” will not work that well (you haven’t picked up the fake rose, stupid!).

But don’t worry… we can always come up with another line, can’t we?

This line will make more sense, if you will try to give the flowers to your girlfriend somewhere near the mirror. While pointing to the mirror, just say casually: If you held up these roses into a mirror, you’d be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

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I ran out of stars…

Traveling stars

If you cannot spend as much time as you would like with your girlfriend, then most likely you will be missing her like hell (she will be, as well). And, of course, you will want to let her know how you feel. However, how many times can you say “I miss you” without sounding boring?

Instead of saying simple things in the simple way (which in most cases works just fine, but…), you could be more creative… Next time you will meet your girlfriend, instead of saying that you miss her, say: Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great untill I ran out of stars…

Not only you will let her know that you were thinking about her… you will make her feel special! And most likely, she is!

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I will love you until the last rose dies…

Tiny Roses

I have heard this story many times… and each time, I did not have enough courage to implement it myself (I felt, that I will either look too stupid, or too dull – but who knows – it seems, the idea is too sweet not to try it out at least once).

Buy your girlfriend 11 beautiful roses (10 from your local flower shop, and 1 fake) for some special occasion (considering, how often I buy flowers for my girlfriend, special occasion could be “it’s a Friday”). And when giving flowers to  your lovely girlfriend, whisper to hear ear: I will love you until the last rose dies…

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If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty that is you

I do really love to read comments from you, my dear readers. Sometimes, I do feel, that some of you would do a much better job, than I do when it comes to write really sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Anyway, I do have a girl I love, and I am open to all of your suggestions of what I could tell her.

Dear, Teddy, even if you are lazy, your idea sounds really good. Is there a better way of telling your girlfriend, that she is really beautiful, than using these words: If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty that is you?

Well… it might sound cheezy, but let’s try it. Next time, you’ll take your loved one to a date, use this phrase. Let her be the princess of the night…

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You are the love of my life

There are quite a few different views on when you should tell your girlfriend that you love her (or not tell her at all, and play around “who tells it first”). However, from my own perspective, if you really do love your girlfriend as I do love my lady, the best thing you could say her is “you are the love of my life“.

The toughest (for you guys, who are just trying to sound right) and the easiest (for us guys, who are really blessed with special lady who we really do love) thing will be to sound like we really mean it.

But I do love her. And she is the love of my life. And she should really know it. Your girlfriend, should really know it as well. So, what stops you from saying it? You know you love her.

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You look different today

Welcome 2008!!! / Bienvenido 2008!!!

Are you being too sweet with your girlfriend? I guess, if you try to come up with something sweet to say every other minute, probably you are not doing well. Or… on other hand, she should at least appreciate your efforts. However, sometimes you do not need to think of what to say – just try observing her. Observe how your girlfriend is making coffee, how she is smiling at you or dancing to the music…

You look different today – I said to her today. She stopped doing whatever she was doing and came to me. She sat down on my lap and asked why. I did not really had an answer, but I felt she was somehow different today. Her naughty eyes, her childish smile, her dancing steps while she was preparing a cup of coffe for me. I guess, she was just feeling happy. And I was quite happy to notice that…

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Everytime I see you, you look more beautiful

Jackie Martinez (#31103)
Girls adore compliments (even if she is not your girlfriend, she will definitely love the fact that someone noticed her beauty). I have no doubt, you have said several times that she is beautiful already. But, you don’t want to repeat yourself everytime, do you?

Next time you will meet your girlfriend, tell her everytime I see you, you look more beautiful.

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If it was not for you, my world would fall apart

Half Moon 26th Feb 2007

Our reader Brandon suggested another sweet thing to say to your girlfriend: You are like the moon to the earth – if it was not for you, my world would fall apart.

Well, I am not sure about moon and earth relationship, however I must admit it sounds really sweet. Imagine, you go for a walk with your girlfriend. It’s quite cold already and dark, but far away in the sky the moon is glowing and showing you the way. Perfect timing to use Brandon’s line, isn’t it?

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