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I love you because of what you are

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When you feel that you and your girlfriend has something really special comes a question: “Why I like her so much?” You may start writing down things you like about her, but then you would probably realize that there are too many of them to name them all.

What to do then? How to tell your girlfriend why you like her so much? I’ve tried to make that kind of list by myself and it appeared to be the same case as there are so many tiny details about my girlfriend that I adore so I thought why not tell her: “I love you because of what you are” as undoubtedly it’s the truth.

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With you I can feel myself

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Why it is really hard to feel free? The right answer probably would be that there are plenty of barriers which make us change our behavior as we are brilliant at creating them. Most of the time they may seem hard to overcome and that’s when we feel like stuck in our own prison – not being ourselves. But isn’t it amazing to have a person with whom you can freely be who you really are? Oh yes it is and I am really fortunate to be one of those people who have one and I want her to know that .

With you I can feel myself – I told my girlfriend. She may haven’t understood how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it as there are so many situations where there’s a need to pretend someone I am not and I’m tired of doing that. Now, because of her I feel free and I hope she feels the same way.

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Being with you is really difficult, but I can’t imagine my life without you

Do you sometimes get angry with your girlfriend?

And then (once you start felling guilty) you don’t know how to apologize. I think, if you really love her, you should be sincere and maybe make a dinner or buy flowers… but if you don’t have a lot of money, you can just hug her and just say: being with you is really difficult, but I can’t imagine my life without you…

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My heart races when I see you…

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When you will meet your girlfriend next time, hug her warmly. And hold her for longer than usual. Then once she starts thinking what’s wrong with you today once you let her go, step away one step, look at her and say: My heart races when I see you

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You’re my North Star

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North Star accompanies and guides us through our journeys, so it should mean a great deal for each and every one of us. I truly think that girlfriends may also be named as this star as they are companions of our lives and the ones who bring light to them.

From my own experience I also know that most of the girls are capable of giving really great advice and my girlfriend is not an exception. I couldn’t find the right words to thank her enough for doing this, till one evening, I accidentally took a glance at the sky where I saw the North Star. Then I realized that my girlfriend and this Star have a lot in common and most importantly they both show me my path: all those advice and her support helped me to overcome many problems and to handle tough situations in my life.

And then I gently whispered to her ear: You’re my North Star…

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Show that you think of her more than she can imagine


Thoughts are really magical, aren’t they? The best thing is that, to my belief, nobody can read them, except yourself, and that you’re the only one who’s in control of them. But on the other hand, how should the person you like know that you think of her/him if your thoughts are inaccessible? Simply, you just need to tell her/him that or just grab your mobile phone and send her/him a message! Here’s a great example of it:

My girlfriend used to complain that I did not think of her at all, as she didn’t receive as much messages as she would have loved to, so we came to an agreement that every time I think of her, I send her a message without any words, only with this smile –  :*. Now she knows, that most of the day I spend thinking of her…

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I’m happy only If you’re happy

Sad girl

I’m happy – only if you’re happy

The sun can’t shine all the time like the days can’t always be only good ones, rough days may occur as well. Sometimes your girlfriend may seem miserable and depressed, during the days like this, the most important assignment is to show that you truly care for her.

Recently, I had this kind of situation on my own: I couldn’t help but notice that my girlfriend was having a bad day, even though, she denied of having so. I’ve tried to find out what had happened, kept asking her questions till she admitted something was wrong, but she found it unnecessary to tell, because she didn’t want to bother me. She just kept saying that everything’s going to be OK and there’s no need for me to feel miserable too… I wanted to show how much I care for her and said: But I’m happy, only, if you’re happy and whatever bothers you – bothers me as well, so feel free to tell me your concerns…

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Angels don’t watch other angels.

Dead Snow Angel

When your girlfriend is far away and the only option to talk you have is mobile phone (or skype), you will sometimes end up talking for hours and hours. However, the time will come when you will need to finally say “Good Night” to your girlfriend.

You can make these last few lines to sound quite special… Start slowly: You know, I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later and I asked it why. It told me Angels don’t watch other angels. Good Night…

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