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You blow my mind

Blow Up

Love can create lots of strange emotions which sometimes can become out of control…You can’t sleep because you’re thinking of her? Does she make you go mad? Does it feel like you’re going to explode when you’re with her? Why don’t you tell her so, I am certain that every girl adores the fact that her boyfriend is crazy for her.

You blow my mind try these words to charm her.

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We are the perfect match

Young Couple Sleeping

Sometimes two totally different people attract each other so much. Strange, but it’s true, because, I believe, a boyfriend and a girlfriend should fulfill each other. Though, from the first glance you may not even notice how unlike both of you are, the most important thing is that you’re sure she’s the one for you. She’s got everything you’ve expected your perfect girl to have…

I can suggest a great phrase – We are the  perfect match. It’s like you were meant to be together, weren’t you?

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The best things happen accidentally

Last Shot in the Life of a Lens

I bet everyone likes pleasant surprises and especially ones from people you love and I happened to know one great idea how to amaze your girlfriend or boyfriend on a special occasion or even on an ordinary day, that’s what I’ve done:

I had to think of something special for my girlfriend for this Valentine’s day and as the routine is a killer I thought it would be so great to forget all the troubles that sometimes makes us miserable. And then a great idea came to my mind: why not run away from them? I bought 2 train tickets to the place that neither I nor my girlfriend have been to. I put one of them in an envelope and gave it to her saying to open it after an hour and write me a message then.

I  received her message and we met at the station. When she asked, how did I come up with this idea I told her that the best things happen accidentally (as we became a couple completely accidentally as well) and being with her every day feels like a new experience which I found very enjoyable that’s why we’re going to an unfamiliar place and that’s why I want to surprise her every day of my life.

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Wherever you are, that’s where my home is

 o_img 23032010 38

What is home? Some say, that it’s a place where you live, for example, your house, flat… I think it’s wrong to say that way. Home is where your family, relatives, people you love are, no matter in what side of the world it might be.

It is so amazing to hear that other person cannot feel great without you, that they would go anywhere just to be with you. If you think that your girlfriend is the one and you would do the same thing for her this phrase is just for you: wherever you are, that’s where my home is…

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Nothing can tear us apart

us apart

When you build a relationship you can’t avoid difficulties, but you can overcome them at the bad times that may occur. It is important that both a girlfriend and a boyfriend put all the efforts to save it. So, if you are in one, you need to show your girlfriend that you are ready to deal with all the potential problems and you won’t back away, you want to be with her no matter what.

When your girlfriend feels sad and not sure about the future, tell her: Nothing can tear us apart! Hard as a stone, that’s what your relationship should be and maybe is.

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Where we at, only few have known

Enter Sign Lives

These girls… They always want to hear a lot and I’m talking not only about the compliments how beautiful they are, but they also want to know how do you feel, what do you think about her…That way girls feel more confident that you care for them, I guess.

What do girls want to hear and know? One of these things – that you’ve never felt that way before with any other girl, that she is the special one. If you’re out of words how to express this tell her: Where we at, only few have known, because this relationship is indeed extraordinary.

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You’ve made me feel brand new inside

NEW Senior Officials star wars custom lego figure in bottle 2

People in love, can you remember how you felt, what you were before falling in love? If you can, you probably agree that you were different back then. Now, you’re like a changed person, aren’t you? Probably we all know what or maybe who made these kind of changes occur… Yes, love. Somehow it makes people become totally different and I think that different in a good way.

You’ve made me feel brand new inside – do not hesitate to tell the truth to your girlfriend, she has to know that you feel like newborn because of her.

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You’ve made everything go right


Once you’re in love, you can’t imagine life being otherwise, and it may even seem like it should stay that way for a long time. You get used to it. Everything’s the way it should be! Everything’s right!

So who’s responsible for this? Of course, your girlfriend. Express your feelings by telling her that she has made everything go right and you’re glad that this had happened! You’re happier than ever before!

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