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If I let you go I would regret for the rest of my life

Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes life can’t be as perfect as you would love to. One day you’re happy, you have everything what you’ve wanted, but another day the world may turn upside down. This happened to me when my girlfriend told me that next year she’s going far, far away from home and me as well. She wants it so badly and I can do nothing about it, I want her to be happy. What’s more difficult is that she doesn’t want to leave me too, told me that she would come home as often as possible only if I accept to wait for her till she reaches her goal. I am surprised at myself because I’ve decided to do so, because if I let her go I would regret for the rest of my life.

If you’re trying to deal with a familiar situation and in conclusion you’ve decided not to let her go, tell her that and that nothing, even the distance, can’t tear you apart!

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Only you have the key of my heart


She’s staring at you and when you ask what’s up, she says nothing. Familiar? I bet it is for most of you. Once, I’ve decided to ask my girl what’s up with her, why does she keep doing that? She answered that sometimes she becomes jealous of me and then she hesitates whether my feelings for her are real. I comforted her: you have nothing to be worry about, because only you have the key of my heart…

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My love for you has no limits

Speed Limit

Does everything have the beginning and ending as well? I doubt that this question can be answered unanimous, but one thing for sure – true love has no ending, no boundaries and it can beat everything.

My love for you has no limits – it means I am ready to do what it takes to make you happy.

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I will defend you with my love


Whatever may happen – I will be there for you, I will defend you with my love… I think that letting your girlfriend know that she can feel protected, that she doesn’t need to be afraid of anything is sweet indeed. In my opinion, girls are sometimes so fragile that they need this protection and by saying these words you can make her feel better, safer and even more beloved.

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I enjoy every second spent with you


Time keeps running away… Sometimes we forget to cherish the moment. Everyday problems makes us go crazy and there are times when we are truly happy, but still create barriers as we can not accept that fact that everything is just fine. I bet for most of you this feeling is familiar. Why can’t we just enjoy every minute, especially the one spent with your girlfriend?

So here comes a sweet thing to say: I enjoy every second spent with you and what’s the most important – those are the best seconds of my life.

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You Are More Important Than You Realize

What's important?

The more time you spend with your girlfriend, the more you care for each other. Sometimes, a big warm smile is enough to make her feel special and to show that you care. Sometimes, you need to be tell her that you care (remember, even though it looks like that she can, your girlfriend cannot read your mind!).

The next time you will want to make your girlfriend feel special and loved, tell her You are more important than you realize.

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Spring is the most romantic time of the year (at least for me) and the most suitable for adding a lot of romance to your relationship. Even though this blog is a Knowledge Base of Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend, I have one great idea of how to be romantic without saying many words!

As it is said that eyes are the mirror of our soul, I believe that we can express our feelings through them, for example, by blinking: I told my girlfriend to guess the sentence that I made by blinking (one blink means one syllable). You can do that as well and think of many meaningful words – I can’t live without you, I will always love you… It’s so magical to see how simple blinking can make her eyes even brighter than they were.

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Together we can

Together We Are

I believe that encouraging a girlfriend is a really sweet thing to do – she needs to get all your support. When your girlfriend feels too weak to overcome something an encouragement that she can deal with things if not by herself than definitely with you by her side is the best to make. Tell her that you will be there for her and together you are and will be a powerful weapon that can beat anything.

Together we can!

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