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I miss your smile

Love is all....

Your life is long, there will be plenty of times when you will be separated. Quite a lot of times you will be missing her, and she will be missing your. However, if you will start repeating her daily I missed you, you will not get far away. Some girls might enjoy that, however for others it might be annoying. Instead of saying I miss you, next time say I miss your smile.

Wow?! You have just expressed yourself in the same way but with different words. And if you are on the phone, or talking via chat program, you have just made her smile again.

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When you are away, my soul is with you

The Introvert

So, you already told her that you missed her, that you missed her eyes, that you missed her smile, but she is still away. What will you say next?

Express your sadness by saying when you are away, my soul is with you.

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Your are my star glowing in the night

Andromeda, again.

You might have told her already that she is your sunshine, however there are plenty of sweet things left to say. You are my star glowing in the night – is one of them. Let her feel like a star, treat her like one. Love her like one.

Stars are so far away, and yet they make us feel special.

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You encourage me just by being by my side

Daring Feats of Courage!

All girls love to see their men strong and courageous. However only some of them get to hear that they are the inspiration for that courage. Let her feel special by saying: you encourage me just by being by my side.

And she probably does, as you were looking for some sweet things to say for her.

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I missed you


Remember, that she does not have to go away in order for you to say her  I missed you. These words carry a huge power within them… if you miss someone, this means you care about them, you think about them, you feel good when you are with them. All of these things are expressed when you say I missed you.

Imagine waiting for your girlfriend at your doorstep in the evening. When she is finally home, hug her and tell her how much you’ve missed her. Even so, you were together in the morning.

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I love saying things that make you blush

Just Minutes Before...

Sometimes you say something really interesting without knowing that and you make your girlfriend to lower her eyes and to blush a little. This is the perfect time to tell her I love saying things that make you blush. She will feel both – shy again and appreciated a little bit. Just like a little girl…

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Your smile makes my day


There are quite a lot of ways to compliment your girlfriend’s smile. And all of them are worth it. Remember, smiles are contagious, therefore by making her smile, you will be smiling as well. Tell her your smile makes my day at the end of your hard day, and smile together.

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You make me feel complete

Fours colors

You do not need a special occasion to use this phrase. However, usually this feeling comes with time, when you spend more of it together. By telling her You make me feel complete, you are actually admitting that she has become a part of your life and that she is a special girl.

Appreciate this feeling, because your girlfriend will appreciate your sweet words.

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