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Reply to her messages

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Sms messages changed our way of communicating with each other, and there is no way back.

I get really annoyed if I am busy, and someone sends me sms message. However, yesterday I was thinking about my girlfriend’s messages. Yes, I am busy with all these things around me. However, so is she. She is living her own life too, but she finds some time to share her happy moments with me. And I should really respect that.

So, guys, reply to her messages. Let your girlfriend know, that you are part of her happiness.

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Let her win

grandmaster FLAX ~ II

Do you play any board games together or with friends?

I am not really fond of these games, however my girlfriend is. And sometimes she is really insisting of playing chess, or whatever other game two of us could play. One important thing I have noticed – she wants to win, no matter what (as usually, all girls like winning, right?).

So, even if you are a master of the game – do yourself a favor. Let her win.

I am not saying, that you should always lose (that would hurt our ego, right boys?), however by letting her sometimes win, you will be winning her affection.

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Take a walk

take the long road, and walk it

It’s really good to try everyday to come up with different sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, these thoughts sometimes run out, however you still want to be the best you can be.

Keeping it simple again, just take a walk with her. Instead of sitting in front of the TV this evening, grab her hand and go out. Start walking anywhere… start talking about anything. These moments of taking action instead of thinking about it makes the difference.

Take a walk.

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Give her a hug every day

Cats - Hugging

I know some couples who are like glued together (usually, this happens when we start dating someone, right?). Unfortunately, I know some couples who seems never to hug each other.

The best sweet thing to do to yourgirlfriend is – give her a hug every day. Create a routine, or allocate some time, when all you need to do – is hug her. Believe me or not, this will create intimacy you both will enjoy in the future.

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You are my princess and soul mate

You are my princess and soul mate | Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

You are my princess and soul mate | Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Once you have started your day by saying good morning to princess. The other day, you admitted that your soul is with her all the time. So, what sweet things to say will you come up with next time?

As Matty from 123.co.uk pointed out in the comments, you don’t have to struggle at all. You can get away with mixing sweet things and creating new ones. Matty would say for his girlfriend you are my princess and soul mate which would make him hero of th day.

Thanks for sharing. I have no doubt, there are other guys out there with a lot of other ideas. What sweet things would you tell for your girlfriend? What did you tell her yesterday? Last week? Last month?

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Let your girlfriend sit on your lap

Central liner

My girlfriend loves to let someone (i.e. old granny) sit in her place while she is standing. On the other side, I hate that – especially if I am already sitting down.

However, last day on the tube I found a win-win solution for that. My girlfriend stood up and old funny man sat in her place, therefore I suggested to my girlfriend to sit on my lap. I was her hero of the day, and even other guys on the train were envying me.

So, if you have a change – let you girlfriend sit on your lap.

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You are most important person in my world

Earth, courtesy Apollo 17, and probably the most reproduced image of all time

It seems for the last days sweet things to say sounded more like love expressions. But you don’t have to fall in love again and again in order to say something sweet. Simplicity is the key, right?

Tell her you are most important person in my world. Hug her. Let her feel that she really is the only one you care about.

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition @5

Things to do

I am still on my mission of finding some sweet things to say to my girlfriend. And this is week 5 already. Did you make your girlfriend smile last week? Will you make her feel loved next week? What’s preventing you from saying something sweet, but different every day?

  1. I never knew what love is… until I’ve met you
  2. I’ve fallen in love so many times… and always with you
  3. Cook together
  4. You are my mermaid
  5. I fall in love with you all over again, every time I meet you
  6. I’ve waited all my life to find someone like you
  7. I love to listen to your heartbeat

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