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Buy a pint of beer

Buy a pint of beer | Sweet Things to Do to Your Boyfriend

Till now, I usually was writting about sweet things to say to your girlfriend (from my own experience). And as for boys, my girlfriends seems to be so busy, that she is not writting here as much as I would like her to. And we do not have many volunteers.

However, this time… I wanted to write something for us – boys. Girlfriends, the best sweet thing to do to your boyfriend is…  buy him a beer! Some good old smoked cheese and a pint of beer. No breakfast in bed, nor sex can even compare. Just, once i a while, buy a pint of beer for your man. Make him happy!

This post was inspired by MomLogic.com.

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You are my lucky star

A message

I really do hope that you are the luckiest man in the world, because you have the best girlfriend you ever can have. This is why, we are thinking about what sweet things to say to her in order to let her know that she is really appreciated.

Tell her you are my lucky star when you do feel lucky – you have got a job, a raise, a gift – whatever is your reason, let her know that your girlfriend is part of your luck.

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I believe in you

Dê-me sua mão

I believe in you | Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Since I started this challenge of comming up with sweet things to say to my girlfriend, it is getting easier and easier to make my girlfriend feel special. And usually, it’s like – you say something and only then you think – oh, yeah, I should write about it.

Yesterday, we celebrated my girlfriends success and sudenly she asked: how did you know I am going to succeed? And what would you answer for you girlfriend in that kind of situation?

I saidI believe in you.

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I am so proud of you!

Good Job!

I am so proud of you! Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

This morning my girlfriend got a letter from University confirming that she passed her final test. She was so happy jumping arround and almost screaming out of joy. I hugged her firmly and whispered to her ear: I am so proud of you.

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By the way, you look breathtaking

weekend inspiration

By the way, you look breathtaking | Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Sometimes you need a special occasion to say something sweet to your girlfriend (same thing as with flowers, right?). However, sometimes it works better when it is unexpected (probably, most of the times). Let’s say, you are going for a walk with your girlfriend and you are talking about your studies (like that’s going to happen any time soon?) or whatever… and then in the middle of nowhere you tell her: by the way, you look breathtaking.

And now she is out of breath!

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Put your hands in her back pockets

Creative Commons License photo credit: masochismtango

Whenever I have a chance (and whenever my girlfriend is wearing jeans), I try to hug her and then slowly put my hands into her back pockets.

By the way, while I was writting this my girlfriend passed by and read it. Then she replied, it’s sweet things to do, but the girlfriends are the ones who is doing something – allowing you guys to touch her ass.

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Your love is the clouds that cover my world

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nicholas_T

When was the last time you had a picnic with your girlfriend? I do not know why, however when we go for picnic (which happens way too seldom), or whenever we go somewhere to the fields or parks, at the time when we hit the ground and have a seat my head is instantly located on her knees.

I just love watching clouds and the comfort of my girlfriend’s knees. In this situation it is a perfect time to say something sweet: your love is the clouds that cover my world. For your own sake, I do hope, that there is a least one cloud in the sky when you say this.

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition @6

Simpsons Life-Size Diorama

7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend - Weekly Edition @6

Autumn is comming and days are passing by faster than ever. I have noticed that in the past week I was taking more action than comming up with sweet things to say to my girlfriend. However, this is not bad either. Here is you sweet things to say or to do for the next week:

  1. Reply to her messages
  2. Let her win
  3. Take a walk
  4. Give her a hug every day
  5. You are my princess and soul mate
  6. Let your girlfriend sit on your lap
  7. You are most important person in my world

What sweet things did you say to your girlfriend (or boyfriend) last week? Did you at all? Well, you should… and you should share your thoughts with us.

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