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You look absolutely amazing

mírame - look at me

I have no idea why, but some of sweet things to say to your girlfriend works better when you are just starting out. Of course, you will always be able to tell your girlfriend that she looks nice, that she is pretty, that she is awesome and so on. However, if you have a chance, tell her You look absolutely amazing

Believe me, in time it gets harder to tell these words. Probably because you are getting used to that wonderful lady of yours.

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I love looking in your eyes

I am just

Yeah, you always can tell something crazy like I could look into your eyes and get lost for hours, however sometimes it doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to sound fake if you strugle with really nice words. Be yourself – come up with something modest and frank. One more sweet things to say to your girlfriend could be I love looking in your eyes.

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Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider/ATLAS at CERN

Bring flowers for your girlfriend. Say that you love her. Do the things that you usually don’t have occassion to do. Come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend which you wouldn’t say on any occasional day. If she will ask for a reason, just tell her: Large Hadron Collider.

What if this is the last day of your life?

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My world is empty without you

Arrested development

Girls like to feel part of you (probably, then they feel that somehow they are a little bit in control). And in the past, I have already suggested to tell her I feel emptry without you. Nevertheless, quite often we need to repeat ourselves in order for your girlfriend to get it. And how would you do that without saying exactly same words?

When you miss her (even if you have seen her in the morning), tell her: my world is empty without you.

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I love the way you brighten up a room…

candle without wind

Imagine a perfect evening – home cooked dinner, lighted candles, lovely music in the background… Nothing matters anymore, only you and the darkness around you. While looking at the candle silently whisper: I love the way you brighten up a room.

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What is the most beautiful woman in the world doing in my kitchen?

EO in her kitchen.

I am a really lucky guy. Quite often when I am comming home from my job, I meet my girlfriend in the kitchen preparing dinner for both of us. And I love that (I mean dinner… I mean my girlfriend… oh, well, whatever).

She is doing her best to make me happy and we, guys, should too. Instead of simple hi, just think aloud what is the most beautfiul woman in the world doing in my kitchen? Then make sure you hug her, even if she is really busy.

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition @7


7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend - Weekend Edition 7

7 Sweet Things to Say (or to do) to Your Girlfriend. I cannot believe it is already week seven. This means that more than for 49 days I had to think of something sweet to say to my girlfriend. This really makes me appreciate my princess. I hope these 7 sweet things to say (as you can see, sometimes you need to take some action instead of just talking) will help you too:

  1. Your love is the clouds that cover my world
  2. Put your hands in her back pockets
  3. By the way, you look breathtaking
  4. I am so proud of you!
  5. I believe in you
  6. You are my lucky star
  7. Let her take an afternoon nap

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Let her take an afternoon nap

Definitely taking a nap:-)

Let her take an afternoon nap | Sweet Things to Do to Your Girlfriend

If you were laying on your bed and she fell asleep, don’t wake her up yet – let her take an afternoon nap. This does not mean that you can go to your computer and chat with your friends. Just stay with her… watch her while she sleeps – appreciate how nice your girlfriend is.

And be there when she wakes up.

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