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I love to hold you in my arms

sometimes, a hug is all what we need

I love hugs.

I especially love to hug my girlfriend and I guess I do that quite often. And, yes guys, you should too. And tomorrow, when you will come back from your job/studies/etc, hug your girlfriend and hold her longer than usually. When she will look at you with questioning eyes whisper to her ear: I love to hold you in my arms.

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Have lunch together

Hello Kitty Lunch

If it is possible, meet during your lunch break and have lunch together. I know it might seem boring to do it everyday, and you might say that it’s quite expensive to have lunch in the city. However today my girlfriend came to my job and we both went near the St. Pauls Cathedral to eat our sandwiches. Take away coffee, few sandwiches, maybe some soup and both of us smilling – what else would you need for your lunch break?

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You became part of me

Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept

Girls are interesting and curious creatures. Like for kids, for ladies it might not be enough to hear that we love them, they still want more. So if you have been together at least for few weeks and she comes up with a question “why?” when you just told her that you love the way she smiles, or you love her eyes, or even when you just told her that you love most beautiful woman in the world… Instead of saying “duh, just because”, tell her becasue you became part of me.

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Honey, I won THE John Chow review!

John Chow´s car

Start your morning by waking up your girlfriend and shouting: honey, I won THE John Chow review! And yes, you nailed her this time… Probably, you will be spending rest of the day on the streets considering what the hell did you do wrong this time.

Guys, remember, our ladies (usually) are not as geeky as we are. Not everyone (I cannot believe myself as I type these words) knows who John Chow is and how much his reviews costs. Anyway, next time your girlfriend will come back from Sales and while struggling to get inside through small doors with large shopping baggs telling you honey, today I saved a lot, remember that you are saving a lot by winning John Chow review.

In order to win, all you need to do:

I wonder will this post qualify for this contest. Anyway, let’s recap. Make Money Online expert Brian from IBusinessTalk should give a free John Chow review for me just because I would really try to wake up my girlfriend by shouting honey, I won THE John Chow review!

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You are as delicious as this cake

yummy yummy

Buy her a cake and tell her you are as delicious as this cake. This works especially well, if she was craving for sweet for some time. However, it might as double edged sword as well… especially if you bought a fat cake…

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Your lips are so delicious


Kiss her passionately for a minute or two. Then tell her: your lips are so delicious (trying to sound sexy like Brad Pitt). And when you are already in action, there is nothing else you can add… kiss her again.

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition 8

À faire...

I cannot believe week 8 just finished. This means we have another list of opportunities.

  1. What is the most beautiful woman in the world doing in my kitchen?
  2. I love the way you brighten up a room…
  3. My world is empty without you
  4. I love looking in your eyes
  5. You look absolutely amazing
  6. I enjoy each and every moment spent with you
  7. You are my beautiful one!

It seems that with more trials you get more experience. And with more experience you get more insights and you sound more sincere. I just love to come up with sweet things to say to my girlfriend.

It seems this blog gets more than 200 readers daily. I was wondering if anyone else enjoy saying something sweet to their partner? What sweet things have you told her yesterday? Last week? How do you make your girlfriend feel special? Please do not be afraid to share you own knowledge.

I thought I would share few articles I found interesting to read this week as well:

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I enjoy each and every moment spent with you

Tender magic

Girlfriends are like little kids. They always need for more attention and you always have to come up with new sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, sometimes even before you say anything, she might ask you something about your feelings. For example: Are you happy with me?

Well, one thing – it’s not good that she is asking such a question (probably she is not happy at the moment). And the worst thing you can do is just to say: Yes.

Your correct answer (while touching her face) should be: I enjoy each and every moment spent with you.

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