Last Thursday my girlfriend came to meet me after my job. We decided to go for a walk and to visit lovely Departure cafe on the way home.

チョコレートマフィン / chocolate and coconut muffin

While we were walking we were talking about the day and suddenly she asked me:

– Do you love me? – well, sometimes girlfriend suddenly realize they want more attention, right?
– Yes – I have answered politely knowing that she will not be happy with this answer.
– How much do you love me? – she asked again as I predicted.
– Every two minutes in a day – I tried to make a joke, however this didn’t sound funny for her, neither for me.
– Show me, how much? – my girlfriend was reluctant… and knowing her I knew there is no point of starting any gestures. I decided to go with one more sweet thing to say to your girlfriend:
My hands are too short to show how much I love you… – and smile shined in her face again.

Later we had two muffins and a cup of tea. I love these wonderful evening spent together.

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