Sad girl

I’m happy – only if you’re happy

The sun can’t shine all the time like the days can’t always be only good ones, rough days may occur as well. Sometimes your girlfriend may seem miserable and depressed, during the days like this, the most important assignment is to show that you truly care for her.

Recently, I had this kind of situation on my own: I couldn’t help but notice that my girlfriend was having a bad day, even though, she denied of having so. I’ve tried to find out what had happened, kept asking her questions till she admitted something was wrong, but she found it unnecessary to tell, because she didn’t want to bother me. She just kept saying that everything’s going to be OK and there’s no need for me to feel miserable too… I wanted to show how much I care for her and said: But I’m happy, only, if you’re happy and whatever bothers you – bothers me as well, so feel free to tell me your concerns…

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