Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes life can’t be as perfect as you would love to. One day you’re happy, you have everything what you’ve wanted, but another day the world may turn upside down. This happened to me when my girlfriend told me that next year she’s going far, far away from home and me as well. She wants it so badly and I can do nothing about it, I want her to be happy. What’s more difficult is that she doesn’t want to leave me too, told me that she would come home as often as possible only if I accept to wait for her till she reaches her goal. I am surprised at myself because I’ve decided to do so, because if I let her go I would regret for the rest of my life.

If you’re trying to deal with a familiar situation and in conclusion you’ve decided not to let her go, tell her that and that nothing, even the distance, can’t tear you apart!

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