fresh fish n chips

As I am on holiday, my lunch break is basically all my day – just working on my internet projects and thinking (or at least, telling my girlfriend that I am) about my girlfriend. Anyway, I just remembered, that sometimes my girlfriend is asking unreasonable questions i.e. how do I look? do you miss me? do you think about me? You know, these kind of questions, to which guys would say “of course, I am…”.

I was thinking… if she is asking these kind of questions, there is something wrong (well, of course, our girls needs atention) and we should do something about it.

Do you remember what was the last time she asked you? I remember my girlfriend was asking whether I think about her during my lunch break… therefore, when she will come back home after University today, I will make a cup of coffee for her and I will tell her:  I was thinking about you during my lunch break.

Uhh, it’s been only a few days of holidays and I already miss my lunch breaks at work.

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