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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition 10

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend Weekly Edition is getting popular. I think more guys out there find out the usefullnes of this: to come up with different sweet things to say everyday. And I have no doubts, our girlfriends are appreciating our efforts as well. So, please find and use our sweet things […]

You are always gorgeous

Girls sometimes are like small kids. They need not only our full attention, but some affirmations as well. Once in a while my girlfriend would ask me whether she is pretty. I know guys, that you all are wonderful out there, and on several occasions you have already told your girlfriend, that she looks gorgerous, […]

Today, when I woke up, first thing I thought about was you

I have no doubt there are quite many couples who have their own life during the day and can meet only in the evening. This is what usually happens to me and my girlfriend. I spend my day at work, she spends her day at University and we meet up at the dinner table. Of […]

Give me your hand

If you are going shopping, or walking to the closest bus station together, take her hand. Or better yet, if you are few steps away from her (somehow, I always find myself walking faster), just ask for it: give me your hand. I have no doubt, it sounds better than any of your sweet things […]

Your hair looks beautiful

Yesterday late evening my girlfriend and I were going home on a bus. As it was quite late, we were tired and had to try hard not to fall asleep. She laid her head on my should and I started to stroke her hair gently. I know that in this scenario (let’s call it scenario, […]

You are my sweet little toy

I guess for us, guys, this is as hard, as buying some flowers – what’s the occasion? What will she think? Is this good enough? Girls have no idea how hard we struggle until we decide to buy a gift for them. However, once again… it does not have to be a rocket science! Grab […]

I love your body

You don’t have to get your girlfriend to the shower with candles and champagne, to come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, if you managed to do that, this is a perfect setting to say: I love your body. No matter how shy, or confident your girlfriend is about her body, […]

I love the way you look at me

Sometimes you can catch yourself just starring at your girlfriend without saying anything. Of course, if she could look into your mind, she would see how fast you are going through all the sweet things to say to her and almost instantly throwing most of them away: this is too naive, this is too girlish, […]