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We are the perfect match

Sometimes two totally different people attract each other so much. Strange, but it’s true, because, I believe, a boyfriend and a girlfriend should fulfill each other. Though, from the first glance you may not even notice how unlike both of you are, the most important thing is that you’re sure she’s the one for you. […]

Wherever you are, that’s where my home is

  What is home? Some say, that it’s a place where you live, for example, your house, flat… I think it’s wrong to say that way. Home is where your family, relatives, people you love are, no matter in what side of the world it might be. It is so amazing to hear that other […]

Nothing can tear us apart

When you build a relationship you can’t avoid difficulties, but you can overcome them at the bad times that may occur. It is important that both a girlfriend and a boyfriend put all the efforts to save it. So, if you are in one, you need to show your girlfriend that you are ready to […]

Where we at, only few have known

These girls… They always want to hear a lot and I’m talking not only about the compliments how beautiful they are, but they also want to know how do you feel, what do you think about her…That way girls feel more confident that you care for them, I guess. What do girls want to hear […]

You’ve made me feel brand new inside

People in love, can you remember how you felt, what you were before falling in love? If you can, you probably agree that you were different back then. Now, you’re like a changed person, aren’t you? Probably we all know what or maybe who made these kind of changes occur… Yes, love. Somehow it makes […]

You’ve made everything go right

Once you’re in love, you can’t imagine life being otherwise, and it may even seem like it should stay that way for a long time. You get used to it. Everything’s the way it should be! Everything’s right! So who’s responsible for this? Of course, your girlfriend. Express your feelings by telling her that she […]

Without you even the most meaningful day would be worth nothing

The winter’s over. It’s finally spring! It’s a time when good memories and expectations for upcoming summer come that’s why, personally, this day is one of the most important days of the year. I can do nothing but smile and be joyful as nature is reviving with every minute… During the day like this, well, not necessary […]

You make me feel alive

Lots of people believe that they live only once so life should be cherished. Probably everyone would agree that life would be empty without a relationship so not only life, but also a girlfriend should be cherished and loved. Though, it is really strange that other person can affect you so much that you can’t […]