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I love the way you smile

When your girlfriend is fully immersed into some task and you can clearly see that she is happy while doing that, come closer and tell her “I love the way you smile“. Her smile will blossom as a flower and this time she will be smiling for you. Related Posts:You are my beautiful one!You look […]

You look gorgeous!

“You look gorgeous!” – this is the right answer. If a girl asks how she looks in a new dress do not say, that she is beautiful. ‘Cause after your answer usually one more question is coming and that is: Just beautiful? With answer like that you may not be perfect guy for a second […]

Good morning, princess!

There is nothing more lovely than a kiss in the morning leaded by words: good morning, princess. And at least for today, you will be the prince on a white horse who rescued her with a kiss (we all used to believe in fairy tales and that prince of our dreams is somewhere around, right […]