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Put your hands in her back pockets

photo credit: masochismtango Whenever I have a chance (and whenever my girlfriend is wearing jeans), I try to hug her and then slowly put my hands into her back pockets. By the way, while I was writting this my girlfriend passed by and read it. Then she replied, it’s sweet things to do, but the […]

7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend – Weekend Edition @6

Autumn is comming and days are passing by faster than ever. I have noticed that in the past week I was taking more action than comming up with sweet things to say to my girlfriend. However, this is not bad either. Here is you sweet things to say or to do for the next week: […]

Reply to her messages

photo credit: fazen Sms messages changed our way of communicating with each other, and there is no way back. I get really annoyed if I am busy, and someone sends me sms message. However, yesterday I was thinking about my girlfriend’s messages. Yes, I am busy with all these things around me. However, so is […]

Let her win

Do you play any board games together or with friends? I am not really fond of these games, however my girlfriend is. And sometimes she is really insisting of playing chess, or whatever other game two of us could play. One important thing I have noticed – she wants to win, no matter what (as […]

Take a walk

It’s really good to try everyday to come up with different sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, these thoughts sometimes run out, however you still want to be the best you can be. Keeping it simple again, just take a walk with her. Instead of sitting in front of the TV this evening, […]

Give her a hug every day

I know some couples who are like glued together (usually, this happens when we start dating someone, right?). Unfortunately, I know some couples who seems never to hug each other. The best sweet thing to do to yourgirlfriend is – give her a hug every day. Create a routine, or allocate some time, when all […]

Let your girlfriend sit on your lap

My girlfriend loves to let someone (i.e. old granny) sit in her place while she is standing. On the other side, I hate that – especially if I am already sitting down. However, last day on the tube I found a win-win solution for that. My girlfriend stood up and old funny man sat in […]

Cook together

Yes, we do love when our girlfriends are busy in the kitchen and we are allowed to watch footbal match on TV. However, she would really appreciate your help in the kitchen once in a while. Cook together and after dinner tell her that you loved doing that together. You will get more than a […]