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I’ll be there for you

My friend gave me a great idea of this article – told me a story of his which I would love to share with all of you: “She and I were together at my home till she received a call from her father. I’ve witnessed changes of her face expression – it became serious and […]

The best things happen accidentally

I bet everyone likes pleasant surprises and especially ones from people you love and I happened to know one great idea how to amaze your girlfriend or boyfriend on a special occasion or even on an ordinary day, that’s what I’ve done: I had to think of something special for my girlfriend for this Valentine’s […]

Show that you think of her more than she can imagine

Thoughts are really magical, aren’t they? The best thing is that, to my belief, nobody can read them, except yourself, and that you’re the only one who’s in control of them. But on the other hand, how should the person you like know that you think of her/him if your thoughts are inaccessible? Simply, you […]

You are the love of my life

There are quite a few different views on when you should tell your girlfriend that you love her (or not tell her at all, and play around “who tells it first”). However, from my own perspective, if you really do love your girlfriend as I do love my lady, the best thing you could say […]

Gently place a blanket over her if she falls asleep

It feels really good to do a good job. You should feel good while doing a sweet thing for your girlfriend too. Gently place a blanket over her if she falls asleep. She (hopefully) will not even feel that… however, she will be able to appreciate your good deed after she wakes up. And believe […]

Have lunch together

If it is possible, meet during your lunch break and have lunch together. I know it might seem boring to do it everyday, and you might say that it’s quite expensive to have lunch in the city. However today my girlfriend came to my job and we both went near the St. Pauls Cathedral to […]

Let her take an afternoon nap

If you were laying on your bed and she fell asleep, don’t wake her up yet – let her take an afternoon nap. This does not mean that you can go to your computer and chat with your friends. Just stay with her… watch her while she sleeps – appreciate how nice your girlfriend is. […]

By the way, you look breathtaking

Sometimes you need a special occasion to say something sweet to your girlfriend (same thing as with flowers, right?). However, sometimes it works better when it is unexpected (probably, most of the times). Let’s say, you are going for a walk with your girlfriend and you are talking about your studies (like that’s going to […]