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Show that you think of her more than she can imagine

Thoughts are really magical, aren’t they? The best thing is that, to my belief, nobody can read them, except yourself, and that you’re the only one who’s in control of them. But on the other hand, how should the person you like know that you think of her/him if your thoughts are inaccessible? Simply, you […]

Have lunch together

If it is possible, meet during your lunch break and have lunch together. I know it might seem boring to do it everyday, and you might say that it’s quite expensive to have lunch in the city. However today my girlfriend came to my job and we both went near the St. Pauls Cathedral to […]

Buy a pint of beer

Till now, I usually was writting about sweet things to say to your girlfriend (from my own experience). And as for boys, my girlfriends seems to be so busy, that she is not writting here as much as I would like her to. And we do not have many volunteers. However, this time… I wanted […]

Put your hands in her back pockets

photo credit: masochismtango Whenever I have a chance (and whenever my girlfriend is wearing jeans), I try to hug her and then slowly put my hands into her back pockets. By the way, while I was writting this my girlfriend passed by and read it. Then she replied, it’s sweet things to do, but the […]