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My love for you has no limits

Speed Limit

Does everything have the beginning and ending as well? I doubt that this question can be answered unanimous, but one thing for sure – true love has no ending, no boundaries and it can beat everything.

My love for you has no limits – it means I am ready to do what it takes to make you happy.

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I will defend you with my love


Whatever may happen – I will be there for you, I will defend you with my love… I think that letting your girlfriend know that she can feel protected, that she doesn’t need to be afraid of anything is sweet indeed. In my opinion, girls are sometimes so fragile that they need this protection and by saying these words you can make her feel better, safer and even more beloved.

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I love you because of what you are

Domo-Kun Loves You - Skateboard

When you feel that you and your girlfriend has something really special comes a question: “Why I like her so much?” You may start writing down things you like about her, but then you would probably realize that there are too many of them to name them all.

What to do then? How to tell your girlfriend why you like her so much? I’ve tried to make that kind of list by myself and it appeared to be the same case as there are so many tiny details about my girlfriend that I adore so I thought why not tell her: “I love you because of what you are” as undoubtedly it’s the truth.

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I will love you until the last rose dies…

Tiny Roses

I have heard this story many times… and each time, I did not have enough courage to implement it myself (I felt, that I will either look too stupid, or too dull – but who knows – it seems, the idea is too sweet not to try it out at least once).

Buy your girlfriend 11 beautiful roses (10 from your local flower shop, and 1 fake) for some special occasion (considering, how often I buy flowers for my girlfriend, special occasion could be “it’s a Friday”). And when giving flowers to  your lovely girlfriend, whisper to hear ear: I will love you until the last rose dies…

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You are the love of my life

There are quite a few different views on when you should tell your girlfriend that you love her (or not tell her at all, and play around “who tells it first”). However, from my own perspective, if you really do love your girlfriend as I do love my lady, the best thing you could say her is “you are the love of my life“.

The toughest (for you guys, who are just trying to sound right) and the easiest (for us guys, who are really blessed with special lady who we really do love) thing will be to sound like we really mean it.

But I do love her. And she is the love of my life. And she should really know it. Your girlfriend, should really know it as well. So, what stops you from saying it? You know you love her.

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I can’t say how much I love you, because it would be so sweet I would turn into a lemon.

lemon splash

I understand that girlfriend are funny creatures and sometimes they just need to hear something sweet (even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense). But what if you cannot come up with something sweet?

I will tell you a secret – make something, come up with anything, just start talking. At first, our readers Billy’s idea didn’t look attractive, however after thinking a bit, I’ve decided, I would gladly tell it to my girlfriend. Honey, I can’t say how much I love you, because it would be so sweet I would turn into a lemon.

Does it make sense? Well… it doesn’t have to. Your girlfriend seeks your attention and she will even let some of the words pass through without digging deeper into the meaning of it. Just tell something sweet to her today.

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I love kissing with you


My girlfriend and me have been together for few years already. But still, everytime we kiss, I remember our first kiss (which, to be frank, was quite awful, I was thinking – is it me, or her – which one does not know how to kiss?).

However I remember my first kiss not because it was worst our kiss ever, but because every our other kisses are better and better. And, yes, i guess, it is hard to think like that after few years of kissing everyday. Anyway, I love kissing with my girlfriend and probably I should let her know that…

I love kissing with you..

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I love your body

body of water

You don’t have to get your girlfriend to the shower with candles and champagne, to come up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend. However, if you managed to do that, this is a perfect setting to say: I love your body. No matter how shy, or confident your girlfriend is about her body, she will appreciate your sweet little words.

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