À faire...

I cannot believe week 8 just finished. This means we have another list of opportunities.

  1. What is the most beautiful woman in the world doing in my kitchen?
  2. I love the way you brighten up a room…
  3. My world is empty without you
  4. I love looking in your eyes
  5. You look absolutely amazing
  6. I enjoy each and every moment spent with you
  7. You are my beautiful one!

It seems that with more trials you get more experience. And with more experience you get more insights and you sound more sincere. I just love to come up with sweet things to say to my girlfriend.

It seems this blog gets more than 200 readers daily. I was wondering if anyone else enjoy saying something sweet to their partner? What sweet things have you told her yesterday? Last week? How do you make your girlfriend feel special? Please do not be afraid to share you own knowledge.

I thought I would share few articles I found interesting to read this week as well:

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