Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend Weekly Edition is getting popular. I think more guys out there find out the usefullnes of this: to come up with different sweet things to say everyday. And I have no doubts, our girlfriends are appreciating our efforts as well.

So, please find and use our sweet things to say to your girlfriend for the next week:

  1. You are always gorgerous
  2. Today, when I woke up, first thing I thought about was you
  3. Gently place a blanket over her if she falls asleep
  4. Give me your hand
  5. Your hair looks beautiful
  6. You are my sweet little toy
  7. I love your body

And, please let me know how was your week. Drop a line of comment saying which sweet things to say to your girlfriend have you used last week. Was it fun? What will you tell her next week?

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