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You are the reason my sun rises every morning

I do like to get up early in the morning and gently to rub my girlfriend’s nose while she is still sleeping. And every morning before I leave to job, I try to kiss her. Sometimes she wakes up (mostly because I am clumsy and noisy) and isn’t very happy which creates a perfect opportunity for me to say something sweet (hey, that’s why this blog is called Sweet Things To Say to Your Girlfriend, right?).

Our reader Brandon suggested another great idea: you are the reason my sun rises every morning, which has saved my day a few times in the past! And what could be better than starting your (and your girlfriend’s morning) with a compliment?

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You are my treasure

Treasure Chest

Not only a box full of jewelry can be a treasure, I think, the very special person who made your life better can be called this way as well. Probably most of you would agree with the opinion of treasure being something that is really cherished and that’s why calling other person like that can make him or her feel special. If I were you, I couldn’t help, but tell her/him over and over again that she/he is your treasure.

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You are my beautiful one!

Beauty, according to Disney

You should write her a love letter. Is it too hard? Well, write her a love note. It’s almost the same as some of sweet things to say – it’s easy (remember, it shouldn’t be rocket science, keep it simple).

There are people who write love letters for their bodies (yeah, time to get rid of that belly), there are people who write love letters for their daddies, there are even some people who write love letters for their telephone companies. However you are different – you are one of a kind. You will write a love letter for your girlfriend.

Grab a pen and start writting… huh… out of ideas already? Just tell her something she already knows, but yet something she will love to hear. Tell her you are my beautiful one!

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This new dress looks so good on you!

new dress

There are so many ways of telling your girlfriend, that she looks beautiful: you are beautiful, every time i see you, you look more beautiful, tonight you look so pretty. And, believe me, you should use all of them at least a dozen of times! However, sometimes, you just need to say something sweet, to show that you care, to notice that she is upset or happy – to do all of that with one sentence – it’s not an easy task!

Tell her, this new dress looks so good on you and enjoy her warming smile… Considering that the dress is really new (and you noticed it!). Otherwise, well… I wish you more luck next time.

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You are my life

Life is

People are too humble sometimes – they want something, but still pretend that they’re OK without it. Here’s one example of this undue modesty: A girl wants you to be with her, but tells you to go and do whatever you need to do – to go and live your life. She didn’t even bother asking you whether you want to go, maybe you want to stay with her.

What can you say to your girlfriend in this kind of situation? I suggest this: Girl, you are my life and I’m not going anywhere…

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The earlier I wake up the more time I will spend thinking of you


Here’s a common situation: you’ve decided tomorrow morning to do something. So you get up early, but unfortunately, you’ve awaken your girlfriend who only needs to wake up after a little while, for example, one hour. She gets mad at you and asks why did you wake up so early? What do you need to do? Solution is to tell her that she shouldn’t be mad at you, because the earlier you wake up the more time you will spend thinking of her.

That may bring smile to her face again.

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I’ll be there for you


My friend gave me a great idea of this article – told me a story of his which I would love to share with all of you:

“She and I were together at my home till she received a call from her father. I’ve witnessed changes of her face expression – it became serious and I couldn’t help but notice that she was frightened. I knew something happened as I’ve overheard a part of the conversation. She ran home to see if everything’s fine with her father, but she wanted to go there alone. I called her after a couple of minutes, but there was no answer. I received a message afterwards with a text that she can’t talk right now because indeed something’s wrong. I couldn’t just sit on my bed and wait so I came by her flat and waited till she had time to meet me and tell me what’s going on.”

I found out that he’d waited for 3 hours. Would you do the same thing? If yes, your girlfriend might be really happy. If not, try behaving like that – show support and care, because that’s definitely sweet.

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You’ve painted my life with all the colors

Colo en Santillana

Usually before meeting someone special life seems to be good, but when finally you fall in love – it becomes amazing. You may even realize that your life back then was dull in comparison with how things are right now. Well it’s not surprising – new colors have been brought to your life, which you may not have even considered of existing.

And here comes a sweet thing to say to your girlfriend: You’ve painted my life with all the colors. Why is it sweet to say this? Simple answer – because everybody loves to be the ones who made something nice happen.

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